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Window Features


Our exceptional vinyl windows are designed to deliver return on investment through energy savings and enduring year after year without the need for repair or refinishing. We meticulously optimize every feature on our windows so you can rest assured knowing your home is safe and comfortable all year long. Our hardware and materials will never let you down, functioning smoothly from day one, for the lifetime of your window. Here is a basic breakdown of our window’s main parts and features.


Regardless of where your home is located, choosing windows that provide you with the highest level of comfort and energy savings year round is extremely valuable. Choosing the right glass for your windows is an important factor in that decision. When the temperature soars or plummets, ordinary clear or tinted glass just can’t cut it. Our windows with Cardinal LoĒ glass, however, have been specially formulated to insulate without affecting the view. It lets more light in and helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature regardless of exterior conditions. Additionally, LoĒ glass provides exceptional fading protection by blocking the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, a leading cause of fading. It will help your furniture, carpets, and curtains stay beautiful and maintain their color for years to come. Our Cardinal LoĒ glass units provide the ultimate in performance for any climate.

LoĒ2 272 GLASS

When you want a protective glass that naturally allows for the sun to heat the room during cold months, Cardinal LoĒ2-272 coated glass delivers. In summer, it rejects the sun’s heat and damaging ultraviolet rays. In winter, it reflects heat back into the room and maintains a steady comfort level.

LoĒ3 366 GLASS

Cardinal LoĒ3-366 glass is the ultimate performance glass, delivering the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. It provides the highest levels of year round comfort and energy savings. It’s also the one glass you can use to be compliant in every ENERGY STAR zone with a double pane window. Its low SHGC makes it compliant throughout North America and especially well performing in hotter climates. It’s the perfect glass wherever you live.


The use of creative window grids can make a standard window look extraordinary. Today’s homeowners prefer the look of internal grids in their windows to complement the architectural style of their home. Internal grids, inside the insulated glass unit, add an elegant flourish and make the windows a breeze to clean. We provide a wide selection of patterns, finishes and colors to choose from.


Specialty window shapes add character to your home. They come in a variety of styles such as half rounds, circles and octagons. Every product is custom made to the exact sizes specified and will add that special touch to any home design. Nobody does shapes better than us, with our custom brick molds and vinyl packages you’ll have a beautiful look that sets your home apart.


We offer a wide range of durable, fade resistant colors for our windows, including custom options on request. This versatility allows for seamless matching with existing interiors and exteriors of all styles. Our vinyl windows also come with unique artistic touches, including classic and contemporary rosettes for interior trim and a wood stain finish for truly elegant styling.


Inside our quality windows you will find a spacer between the layers of glass. Standard spacers are usually constructed of steel or metal. Its purpose is to separate, seal and insulate the layers of glass, helping to keep your home warmer. We utilize a Super Spacer constructed with flexible, 100% polymer foam, instead of metal. This breathable foam allows the window to accommodate stress induced by thermal expansion and pressure differences, providing a tight seal and preventing the loss of Argon or Krypton gas. Additionally, it is able to absorb moisture, and reduce the formation of interior condensation. When it comes to durability, our Super Spacer outperforms other spacers in the industry’s toughest tests with a simulated 90 year lifespan.


All of our windows come standard with BetterVue screen systems. This top of the line screen system allows improved airflow while providing exceptional visibility and enhanced protection from insects. We also offer pet screens as an additional option. For pet friendly homes that require a tougher, more durable screen that your furry friends won’t be able to rip through.


Life can be unpredictable. Unforeseen weather can cause havoc for homeowners and today’s auto and air traffic make the world an increasingly noisy place. Taking practical steps to protect your interests is smart. Our Cardinal laminated glass products can help, offering a level of security and serenity that can’t be realized with ordinary glass. Ordinary annealed glass breaks easily. Tempered glass, while stronger, still shatters under a greater impact. Laminated glass is different. If laminated glass is broken, the vinyl interlayer remains in the frame, with glass fragments adhering to the interlayer. This provides a strong barrier against forced entry and cannot be cut from one side only, which renders glasscutters useless. Cardinal’s laminated glass meets rigorous industry codes, including the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) standards for preventing forced entry (ASTM F1233) and the burglary resistant guidelines issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL 972). Our laminated glass is also an effective way to reduce unwanted outside noise. This is especially useful in areas near airports, industry, traffic, or wherever unpleasant sounds exist. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) developed the Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) to describe the sound isolation performance of materials. A higher OITC rating indicates a greater sound dampening effect. Laminated glass greatly increases the OITC rating of a window, diminishing unwanted outside noises, providing maximum sound protection.


Recently Cardinal introduced Neat Glass, a naturally self-cleaning glass option. It harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. Our windows will stay cleaner longer and will clean easier. The titanium dioxide layer of Neat Glass reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays and causes organic materials that are on the glass to decompose. It works even on cloudy days, as 80% of UV radiation gets through cloud cover. Thus, when it rains the decomposed dirt no longer clings to the glass, easily rinsing away. A thin layer of silicon dioxide makes Neat Glass exceptionally smooth and hydrophilic, much smoother than ordinary hydrophobic glass. This allows water to disperse evenly, sheeting off and evaporating quickly, greatly reducing water spotting.

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