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Featuring multiple panels at varying angles, a bay window can instantly add value to your home. Built to protrude outward from the wall, a bay window provides an unparalleled amount of natural light and a gorgeous view. Made up of three sections in varying sizes, bay windows generally consist of a large centre window, and two smaller windows situated on the left and right sides. These smaller windows are called flankers and are angled 30 to 40 degrees from the wall. Offering ample ventilation and a large, unobstructed view, a bay window provides many benefits to any living space. Creating a focal point from any angle inside the room, a bay window amplifies the serene setting inside your home and makes a room appear larger than it truly is. These types of windows have the option of casement or hung style flankers. Commonly situated in a living room, office, or master bedroom, a bay window is simply beautiful to look at from inside and out.

  • Versatile style options and highly customizable
  • Appreciates the value of your home
  • Offers a wide, unobstructed view


Bow windows first came into popular use in the eighteenth century in the United Kingdom. To this day they remain a popular and beautiful choice for any household. Similar to bay windows, bow windows offer a breathtaking view of the outdoors. The main difference between these two types of windows, which are commonly confused for one another, is that bow windows have a round shape instead of the standard square design. Bow windows do not have corners that protrude on the exterior of your home. The overall goal of this window style is to create the illusion of a curved wall. This is accomplished by combining multiple casement windows, typically four to six, side by side. When done properly, the window has gentle angles, which successfully extend into an elegant arch.

  • Versatile style options and highly customizable
  • Gentle angles create and elegant arch design
  • Offers a wide, unobstructed view
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